Come fly with me by Roisin Lally

28-Nov Cabin Crew
CityJet Cabin Crew
Author :Roisin Lally

I joined CityJet on my birthday 12 years ago – it was the best birthday present I have ever had. People make any work environment and it is the people at CityJet that make this job so special.

 When a job needs to get done we all pull together and deliver. We have extremely high standards here in the Cabin Crew department and are very proud of our Company and the service and care we provide to our passengers. I remember a phrase once used by our chairman, Pat Byrne "we are not in the business of flying aeroplanes, we are in the business of flying people".

 And variety is the spice of life. I was based in Paris when I first joined and then moved to London and later to Edinburgh. Now I am back in Dublin.

 We work in a crew comprising of four, two pilots and two cabin crew but sometimes this can be increased to five or six if there is training being done in the flightdeck or the cabin.

 Of course, it can be difficult being away from loved ones and missing special occasions in this line of work but in CityJet, we have a family away from family. We pick each other up if we are down and our sense of care is not only extended to our passengers but also, to each other. We have huge respect for what we do respectively and many of us have formed closed bonds and friendships over the years.

 I'm fortunate that through CityJet and our deals with most other airlines, I have been to visit some incredible places - The Bahamas, The Seychelles, Dubai, Columbia, Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco, NYC, Cuba and Mexico.

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