Being a Pilot at CityJet

01-Dec Pilot
Being a Pilot at CiyJet
Author :David Beausang

David Beausang always wanted to be a pilot but the David, from Dublin, pursued a business and legal degree in University College, Dublin,. But he found his vocation in 2007 after spotting a recruitment advert in an Irish newspaper from CityJet, offering to train pilots.

David was accepted into the training programme and spent 18 months in Port Alfrede in South Africa’s Eastern Cape.

“I finished my final pilot exams on a Friday at Inverin aiport inSpiddal in the west of Ireland.The following Monday I began my type ratingon the Avro RJ85. After 8 fantastic years on that aircraft I transferred to the Sukhoi SuperJet. “Being a pilot is something I always wanted. When recruitment stopped I opted to do a business and legal degree which has stood to me. The airline industry is one of the most regulated in the world and my ldegree is very useful.”

David is now a Captain and Fleet Captain for the Sukhoi SuperJet SSJ100 aircraft in the CityJet fleet. “I pinch myself when I find myself flying what is a cutting edge aircraft. It is a special aircraft to fly and a leader in design.”

Flying for CityJet is all about people. “Being a career pilot with CityJet is one I would thoroughly recommend. Our flying tends to be short haul so there is more flying, more take offs and more landings. But CityJet empowers you. They give you great autonomy so that you are more than just a pilot. You are hands on with people and how to manage customers. We are like a family and we all work together. It is a great workplace.”

There are challenges for family life but short haul work is less demanding. “I can do up to 8 nights away a month but like any job it is all about work life balance. I am hugely supported by my wife Laura in managing with our two boys Will (5) and Sam (3).”

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