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11-May CityJet
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CityJet is a European regional airline based in Dublin, Ireland operating a fleet of Avro RJ85, Bombardier CRJ700 & 900 aircraft on scheduled and wet lease services across Europe. In 2017, CityJet increased significantly its presence in Scandinavia, Northern Europe and the Baltics by expanding its network of supplying aircraft for other carriers -known as ACMI (aircraft, crew, maintenance and insurance or wet lease).

CityJet Executive Chairman Pat Byrne said: “We are proud to provide wet lease services to partner carriers such as SAS, Air France & Brussels Airlines and have an impressive record operating in this niche market. We now have over 40 aircraft with 1300 staff operating out of 10 bases across Europe.”

The airline recently announced that it will continue its commitment to the Avro RJ85, which will maintain the RJ fleet strength at thirteen units for continued operation at performance airfields such as London City and for current and potential wet lease opportunities in Europe for an extended number of years.   The RJ85 remains a competitive aircraft in the ACMI market and there is significant potential for growth and further wet least operations as a result

To support this commitment, a combined lease-purchase of RJ aircraft and spares worth in the region of US$30million was agreed, which will allow CityJet to continue to operate the RJ85 as a competitive product offering for the foreseeable future.  

With this announcement of an extension to the RJ lifespan, CityJet is launching a major recruitment drive for pilots for this fleet in Dublin, London and Paris.

Recognizing that the current aircrew market in Europe is very competitive, CityJet offers competitive remuneration packages and is committed to ongoing options to deliver a stable roster and lifestyle for crews across all our networks whilst providing the high level of service required by our customers.

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